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SugarDaddyForMe Review 2024

SugarDaddyForMe Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 26-38
Profiles 200 850
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • More than 4 million registered users
  • A three-day free trial
  • You don't need to have an account to browse through profiles
  • Unlimited photos are a must
  • Many sugar babies to choose from
  • Only credible sugar daddies who can pay for your needs
  • Secure dating site
  • Many nations presented
  • Numbers of women are fair (no inconsistency in male to female ratio)
  • Real talk and real meetings
  • Free and paid features
  • The design is a bit outdated
  • Only premium members can send unlimited messages
  • The premium membership is expensive
  • No mobile app

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SugarDaddyForMe is a dating site for sugar babies and sugar daddies aimed at uniting singles with the only aim: sex and relationships can be exchanged for money and gifts. The main idea of the website is that most older men can opt for sugar babies without having to hide themselves or register on social media to disclose their relationships. Also, the site supports the idea that monetary exchange for relationships is not shameful or worth frowning upon.

Because sugar babies have an active lifestyle and high standards, and men have money to spend, there is nothing bad in exchanging resources if it’s mutually desired and not reprimanded. Some successful men did not want sex, deciding to opt for girls for luxury events when they need a plus one. Does not always about sex or a relationship, but an older man can offer a girl one. These men are often more than wallets; they are wise mentors and good friends.


History of SugarDaddyForMe

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the best and most positively acclaimed dating sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It has more than 4 million subscribers as of 2013. The website has more than 2000 sugar daddy and sugar baby page visits daily, with more than 1.5 million new members each month. The site was created in 2004 and is still one of the biggest competitions to modern-day websites with similar purposes.

It got its first popularity in 2005, having an appearance even in the Tyra Banks Show and many other American and foreign shows. Numerous mentions made this site even more popular and desirable.


Website, App, interface, registration

SugarDaddyForMe is a website with a simple and somewhat old-fashioned look. When you first click on the website page, you will see an old-school interface that might throw you off. But give it some more time because the website itself is good. The website interface and color scheme don’t scream fancy, but it’s enough off for hooking up with a beautiful lady or meeting the sugar daddy of your dreams. The website doesn’t give off sugar dating vibes, so you might have zero ideas about what side you’re attending at the moment. It’s good because this is a discreet way to talk to ladies and stay socially acceptable as someone glances over your shoulder.

Registration Process. Is it easy here?

The registration at SugarDaddyForMe is more than easy because all it takes is few minutes and basic information about you. First of all, you need to create a username, then a password, provide the site with your email address, and state your age. That’s only taken to start working on SugarDaddyForMe. Right after registration is completed, you will be suggested to select a premium plan. If you don’t want to upgrade just yet, use a free 3-day membership plan. You may also toggle your account a little bit by adding personal information like your hobbies or goals on this site.


Profile Quality

If you want to sustain a quality on this website, pick an original name and your real age. Everything here depends on how fairly members use this website. Sure, if you pick a couple of blurry photos and use the wrong age, this might mess up the dating pool because the more fair and detailed information you provide, the quicker people will choose and get to know each other. You can view profile photos for free of charge regardless of the membership you choose. You can also see how many photos one user has on their account, but it is impossible to look at more than 3 pictures if you are a free member.

The profile has plenty of information in it, including gender, age, marital status, height, weight, body type, and preferences. The dating site will show a profile with similar qualities to your liking. You have to fill in all the information, especially when it comes to the about me section. A good profile should give out information about location, real age, have photos, and some additional information about the individual.


Mobile version and Website

Unfortunately, the SugarDaddyForMe website does not provide its users with any form of application. Every dating app has at least something similar to a mobile app, and so does SugarDaddyForMe. You can still perfectly navigate the site through your phone or tablet by using a website version from the comfort of your home. It works just like the original one but fits into your phone or tablet screen. If you have access to the internet, you can still use the website in a mobile-optimized version. It is compatible with any phone and is available 24/7.


Special Features

The website has an array of special features for both free and is users. First of all, all the website has a weekend planner to help you arrange a meeting and not forget the date. You can also assign your status to a color depending on your availability and signing time present on the site. For example, if you get back from work at 6 pm, your status will be automatically changed to available so that everyone can see when you get back from work. You can also continue viewing other photos without uploading one, staying anonymous for a while. However, the site moderation encourages users to upload photos because it increases the quality of the dating pool.


Finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Finding a sugar baby or sugar daddy isn’t a problem on SugarDaddyForMe because the site was specifically designed for these people to connect for mutually beneficial financial relationships. As usual, you can find a lady aged 18-45. If we are talking about sugar daddies, they are age starts at 35 years old. However, it is easy to find an older Sugar Daddy on this website because sometimes the age gap is significant. There is a large portion of people who are looking for a financially reinforced relationship. The age of those people ranges from 30 to 70 years. The age span is huge, so it is equally easy to find someone of pitting or 60 years old.

The dating site does not discriminate or leverage a certain group of people, so it is equally easy to find a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. Here, like-minded people who have the same goal can choose each other and openly date without a problem.


How does SugarDaddyForMe work?

SugarDaddyForMe is a straightforward site where all you have to do is register your account, fill it in with basic information, and start searching for a partner or a hookup, depending on what you pursue. If you are a sugar daddy, you can go through the Gallery of beautiful women who want to exchange their love for gifts or cash. If you are a girl, you can submit information and start searching for your very own sugar daddy.

Searching options and filters at SugarDaddyForMe

The site uses an intricate algorithm when finding a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. If you wish to narrow down your searching pool, all you have to do is select the number of wanted characteristics you would want in a partner, such as age, dating goals, height, weight, marital status, and their role in your relationship. The site combines machine and manual search, so it’s best if you try both of them when searching for a partner.


Communication methods

Once you have upgraded to premium, you can contact other users by messaging them on something that looks like an email box. You can engage in a conversation with one person at a time because the website does not support chat rooms or chat boxes. It means that you can only write a letter as you would normally do on original dating sites. The website doesn’t have any other form of communication, such as a swiping motion or flirts, but it makes the experience much better. Many users complain that swiping apps take away from the depth of communication, and if you want to qualify as a sugar baby or find a good sugar daddy, communication is key.

Alternatives for SugarDaddyForMe

However, there are no direct substitutes for SugarDaddyForMe; you can still find similar sites. These are the best matches you can try now:


Membership Price and Payment Method

SugarDaddyForMe has moderate prices for anyone interested. You can always upgrade or downgrade your account, buying or canceling and membership at any time. You can pay for a subscription by Visa or MasterCard, as well as the online bank transfer and an E-wallet.

Free Membership Features

On the contrary to many dating sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies, SugarDaddyForMe still presents its members with a variety of free features for someone who didn’t decide on their membership plan yet. Here is what you can get as a free member: creating a profile and filling it in with information, browsing through every person’s photos (you can only find 3 pics as a free user), as well as send the three photos or images before deciding to switch to a paid membership plan.


Premium Membership Features

Paid members have more privileges because now you have access to incredibly unique features, both for sugar babies and sugar daddies. Gold membership gives you leverage to add notes to your profile. Only you will see those notes and use calendars, as well as weekly planners. It is an important and useful feature that will save you several minutes instead of being confused and rescheduling the date over and over again. You can highlight your profile to make it stand out from the crowd and get it approved by motivation faster. Additionally, there is no limit to storing information because your messages will not be deleted in a month. Moreover, you will have more results for men and women because you have a priority search that allows you to see more candidates, approving them before someone intercepts their account and messages them before you.

How much does it cost to use SugarDaddyForMe?

Duration Costs Total
Silver Membership
1 Month 39.95 USD/ Month 39.95
Gold Membership
1 Month 44.95 USD/ Month 44.95 USD
Gold Membership + Total Access
1 Month 59.90 USD/ Month 59.90 USD


SugarDaddyForMe is not a scam?

SugarDaddyForMe is not a scam service because this site was proven to be a real deal several times. It even appeared on the most reliable American shows and in the newspapers, as magazines and news. Do we have to see more?

Protection and storage of information

When it comes to protection, the registration might feel a little bit wonky because once you type in the password, it is not hidden into asterisks which might signify about 4 levels of information disguise. However, it is simply a bug, and after registration, you won’t have many chances to get your information leaked unless you directly share it with a member who might use your data with bad intent. The website does not store your information and will be deleted if you choose to get rid of your account.


Customer Support

Customer support is available at all times for SugarDaddyForMe free and paid users. All you have to do to reach them is send a message to [email protected], and soon enough, your email will be answered within a day or two. The support team wants to make sure that every question gets answered and everyone is helped with their billing and other sorts of advice.


How to pass SugarDaddyForMe verification?

To pass the SugarDaddyForMe verification, all you have to do is follow the link sent by the help team, check your emails, and follow the link. Afterward, your account will be verified, and you can easily monitor other accounts while enjoying your time.

How to delete SugarDaddyForMe account?

If you want to delete your account, you can do it by completing one of two options. The first one includes sending an email via [email protected] to the mailbox and asking them to delete your account. The procedure is called a Delete Account Request. Write the reason why you wish to cancel your account, and the support team will soon help you. However, you can avoid contacting the support team by deleting your account directly from the website. All you have to do is log into your account, enter your username and password. Then, select the topic to cancel the membership and come up with a reason why you don’t wish to stay with the website. Remember that if you are a premium user, you have to cancel your subscription first because re-billing is automatic, and your money will be debited from the credit card each month.

Does SugarDaddyForMe Really Work?

SugarDaddyForMe is a site for real sexual and financial encounters because more than 4 million followers actively use this website and or happy with the results. All you have to know is the number of positive accolades other reviews provide. The website didn’t create any drama or scandals, so there is no necessity to think that it is fake or a scam.

How to block someone on SugarDaddyForMe?

If you want to block a rude or a scammer user, all you have to do is block them by reporting their account and messaging the support team. This is what you have to do to delete someone from your presence. All you have to do is to be logged into your account, go to the Activity Block, and click on the block button. The person will be immediately blocked and deleted from your eyesight, but you can easily unblock this person the same way if you have changed your mind.

How to cancel SugarDaddyForMe subscription?

If you wish to cancel this subscription, all you have to do is request the removal of your account while staying logged in. Additionally, you can post your request via [email protected] or telephone the company to stop your premium membership. One thing to remember is that the current subscription will not be refunded because it is not in the company’s competence.


The SugarDaddyForMe is great for someone who isn’t ashamed of financially approved relationships between men and women, even if it involves an age gap. This site allows you to find a partner or a quick hookup before anyone knows. It is anonymous, not very expensive, and understandable for people of all ages.

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