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Affirmative Disclosure

This platform is a free site dedicated to analyzing and comparing services for online dating. The goal is not to review every single site existing on the dating market but rather take the most popular and big to the test.

The site’s provider is granted by financial compensation received from paid advertising on the platform. Third-party companies providing services on the website sponsor this compensation, which will later determine the order of their mentioning in the materials. This financial approach influences the ratings as well.

Nevertheless, monetary compensations aren’t the only determining factor that dictates the provider of the review content. Blog posts and any topics discussed are presented in an unbiased form and include the analysis based on many characteristics. Real-life testimonials, the user base size, and interface usability determine the final rating the service will receive, even if the material is sponsored.

Finally, the platform introduced exaggerated wordings to make the reviews seem more entertaining. You may notice calls to action and straightforward phrase formulations in ads and pop-up banners appearing on the site.