Affiliate Disclosure


Our website contains some materials written by independent experts and created following our community guidelines. We ensure the accuracy and independence of thoughts expressed in those materials. Before appearing on our site, every piece of content passes a strict review performed by our editors. Our professional team analyzes the timeliness and suitability of all the materials published in our blog. However, you should bear in mind that part of the content is written by creators working separately from our team. Thus, we cannot guarantee the compliance of all the materials with the Terms and Conditions. Nevertheless, we work constantly on detecting the misconceptions and eliminating them.

What Factors Determine the Rating?

We devote a lot of time to analyzing different platforms and giving them our fair reviews. Before assigning a rating to any site, we carry out a real-life test and pay attention to how the service performs compared to others. We take the site’s safety, testimonials, subscription rates, etc into consideration.

High ratings of most of the platforms you will find in our tests can be explained by their popularity and well-established reputation. We mostly pay attention to the large services with big user bases that have been working properly for many years. Our main goal lies in providing an honest opinion about those sites worth your time.