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Safety and Security Tips

You should stay on alert to receive the best online dating experience. The rules apply to video calls, going on dates, as well as texting in private chats. Being forewarned means being forearmed, so you should learn some tips to protect yourself from possible unforeseen circumstances. The rules below will help you stay safe while using our site.

Online Dating Rules

Stick to these tips to avoid disappointment and frustration associated with online dating. Pursue an online romance while staying on the safe side and protecting your financial funds.

Securing Your Funds

To avoid scams, stay on alert of online scams and frauds. Do not allow anyone to steal or reveal your credit card details and any other personal details. Do not tap the third-party links either agree to perform any money exchanges with the platform users. When a stranger online asks you to transfer money, this may be a red flag meaning they want to scam you. Do not let yourself get fooled by someone’s attractive appearance when the case is connected with money. If you feel that you can no longer resist someone’s fraudulent activity or notice signs of a scam, report the user to the site’s team.

Use Message Filters

You shouldn’t better waste your time on individuals revealing signs of fraudulent activity. Block and report spam as soon as you notice it. You should also report users spreading hatred or harassing content. Do not get puzzled over why a person chose you or why they decided to do what they did. Show respect to authentic platform members and demand the same attitude towards yourself. You deserve to enjoy a safe and friendly community without scammers.

Send Reports

You should block and report any members showing fraudulent activity or those users violating the Terms and Conditions of the community. Let the customer support team know about people who try to undermine trust in the platform. Even if offensive utterances are not directed at you, protect other site members as you would like to be protected by them.

Offline Dating Tips

Before you head for the date arranged online, you should prepare yourself. Thus, we remind you of some important tips to keep in mind.

Choose Public Spaces to Meet

It doesn’t matter what excuses your interlocutor may use to invite you straight to their home. Play it safe by picking a place you know for the first meeting. The more people will be there, the safer.

Let Your Friends and Family Know

Stay in touch with your close ones and inform them about where and with whom you are going. In case you do not text or call them back, they should take measures to protect you.

Protection In All Matters

STDs are dangerous diseases that you can pick even after one reckless step. Do not offer either agree to ‘no strings attached’ experiments. Even if you are fully healthy and trust the partner, think about yourself first.

Help and Support

In case of emergency, report any danger to 911. Hotlines are another way to get instant help around the clock.

Incest, Rape, and National Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

Planned Parenthood: 1-800-230-7526

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224