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Sugardaddie.com Review 2024

Sugardaddie.com Review 2024
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a free trial that lasts for seven days.
  • High-security features.
  • Vast user base.
  • Lacks a mobile app.
  • Auto-deletes messages that contain external emails and contact details.

Sugardaddie.com is an online dating website that caters to sugar daddies that are looking for sugar babies. Also, the site is ideal for a sugar baby who wants to hook up with a wealthy man. All its features are made to offer both the sugar baby and sugar daddy an opportunity to meet. In this review, you will learn a lot about the site. You will explore its sign-up steps, unique elements, prices, and much more. So, if you want to join this site, it would be useful to read through this review to the last word.

But before going deeper into the details of the website, here are a few things to learn. The site is not ideal for you if you want to get a lover for long-term affairs. A man who cannot afford a paid membership, or seek young girls for casual sex without being generous in terms of finances, won’t find the service useful. The site will be ideal for you if you are a wealthy man and would like to have a young lady as a companion. Besides, sugar babes find it a great platform since it connects them with preferred wealthy businessmen.

What is Sugardaddie.com?

Sugardaddie.com was established in 2012. It was one of the first websites to offer matching for sugar babies and sugar daddies. The site has been featured in various famous TV shows such as WB 11 WPIX news, The Dr. Phil Show (two times), and the Richard and Judy Show (In the United Kingdom).

Since its exposure in the mainstream media, this site grew fast. It has managed to attract more than five million users. The members revealed that Sugardaddie.com is a site for the rich, where money and looks are the most crucial factors. It has a vast user base that boasts of business billionaires, top models, and various talented celebs.

How does it work?

This site works in a unique way. First, you need to sign up with the dating service. Once you are done with that step, you can make your payment to access its complete set of features. You can now reach out to other users on the site to find your preferred match. You can use the search feature to check out profiles that align with your preferences.

The only primary method of contacting other users is via instant messaging. Sending emails and messages are paid features. Thus, free users of the site may not use them before upgrading their membership. In short, basic site members must consider buying a premium plan of their choice to get full access to all the site’s features.

To show interest to another user, you should use winks or even virtual gifts. You cannot just start with a direct message. Thus, if you are prepared to join the site, you can sign up today and enjoy what the rich sugar daddies have to offer you.

The site has some special features for premium users. Here is a quick look at such special features that you should leverage to the fullest.

Meet My Match

This feature lets you know about matches for you. If you like them and would love to connect, you click YES, and NO if you are not okay with how they look.

Quality Score

Quality score is a feature that shows the level of uniqueness of your profile. It is calculated from all the activities you do on this website. Usually, this score is subdivided into eight categories. However, it is only premium users who gain the scores fast because they can use all the features of the site. Basic users have limited access to the set of site features. Thus, their score does not grow fast.


Forums allow users to post articles on various topics. You can join the hot discussions to learn from fellow users or, better still, post your educational and exciting stories for others to read. However, this is a feature for premium users.

Registration on Sugardaddie.com

A quick look at the signing-up:

  1. The entire registration process needs from 2 to 5 minutes.
  2. It is an easy procedure with few fields to fill in.
  3. The process demands that you complete the blank fields properly.
  4. The first profile photo must undergo approval by the moderators before appearing on your public profile.
  5. You cannot register with your Facebook or even Instagram account.

A little patience is required when signing up for this service. This is because the process does not take much time but requires a bit of your info. You must have a working email address to register on this site. They will send a verification link or code to your email. You must click on the link to verify you are opening the account. This step is geared toward reducing the number of fake users on the site. Remember, the site is used by top businessmen and models who do not like services that waste their valuable time.

After the approval step, you will be redirected to your account. You will now give answers to various questions. Some of the info required is your age, income (annual), country, hobbies, and more. A short description of you will also be required. You will still need to write a brief introduction to your profile. Your profile might be frozen if you fail to provide all the necessary details during the sign-up stage.

Design and usability

You will most likely fall in love with the excellence of the website. The entire layout is done with a gold and black combo. Those are the colors that symbolize power, mystery, and authority. The fonts and the feature icons are laid out perfectly.

User-friendliness is the proper term to define how simple it is to use the site. The various pages of sugardaddie.com load fast and smoothly. The site does not have many distracting ads. This is one of the aspects that attract many users who find pop-ups quite annoying.

Who are the Sugardaddie.com users?

All the users who register with this dating service understand the importance of quality profiles. That is why most of its profiles are excellent. While using the site, it would be easy to determine if the member is a right person you are looking for by simply reading their profiles.

All the premium and basic users of the site can view all profiles. However, it would be best if you strived to make your profile unique. That is why the site permits all users to update their profiles anytime. You can upload as many as 12 photos to your profile. Bear in mind that the moderators must review your primary profile picture.

Also, new members must provide all the details required on their profiles. All the info is helpful to other members. Other users need to know what your hobbies are when considering if you have things in common. Do not leave your profile incomplete. You risk failing to find a match.

The mobile application

This site does not offer a mobile app for Android or iOS users. However, that does not mean that the site is not usable on a mobile phone. You can make use of any of the browsers installed on your smartphone. It works well on mobile browsers.

Safety & security

Sugardaddie.com prioritizes the safety of its users. The site has an anti-scam system. It helps to make sure there are no scams on the website. Besides, if you do not complete your profile, you will be discontinued. This is a good idea that ensures that all its users are genuine.

A moderator must review the primary photo on your profile before it appears on your page. This is yet another good idea. Also, the verification step that sends a confirmation link to your email is a pretty nice idea that ensures you are the owner of the email and the account. Thus, anyone cannot use your email to sign up for the site. That way, all users are safe.


One month of the paid membership will cost you 22.49 USD.

Free Services

  1. Adding another user to your list of favorite members
  2. Searching for other member’s profiles
  3. Adding several photos to your profile
  4. Viewing pictures of other users
  5. Reading all the new messages


  1. You can use all services of the platform.
  2. You can post on the forum.

Note, that this is one of the sites that will not auto-renew your membership. They always reach out to you, reminding that you are expected to renew your membership. Thus, it is per the user’s discretion to resume payments or cease them.

Help & support

Florida (USA) and Kent (UK) are the places where the offices of sugardaddie.com are based. If you encounter any difficulties while using this service, you can reach out to the customer helpline for help. Besides, you can send an email to the customer service team with the details of your case.


The FAQ section might help you resolve some common issues.

Is Sugardaddie.com safe?

Sugardaddie.com is a safe dating service that caters to sugar daddies and sugar babies who are interested in each other. It has safety measures put in place by the operators and encourages users to verify their profiles to ensure they are genuine. Thus, your safety is guaranteed.

Is Sugardaddie.com a real dating site?

Yes, this is a real site that links sugar babes to sugar daddies and vice versa. Thus, you should sign up if you would like to hook up with a sugar babe or a sugar daddy of your choice. It has been in the market for many years.

How to use Sugardaddie.com?

To use this site, you are expected to sign up first. After that, you can verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email by the site. Once it is verified, you can continue to give all other required details. Complete your profile to make it unique. Incomplete profiles are not allowed here. So, you must make sure yours is duly filled and is presentable to all users.

Is Sugardaddie.com free?

The site offers a trial plan for seven days that does not require any payment. You can use it to try the features of the site. If you like it, you may opt for a premium membership to continue using the service. The site does not auto-renew your membership. Thus, if you want to use the premium plan for the next month, you should not forget to make a payment.

Does Sugardaddie.com really work?

Indeed, this is one of the sites that work perfectly. Many users have given testimonials on how the site helped them find sugar babies or sugar daddies. Also, the site has many positive reviews from its past users, and the current members still praise it for its trustworthiness and reliability.


In conclusion, you should join this site to find your sugar babe or sugar daddy from the millions of users registered with the service. It is among the sugar dating platforms that have a vast user base and has proven to be useful since its launch. Thus, you should not be left out. It has the best features that you should use while finding your match. Sign up today on Sugardaddie.com and buy the paid membership.

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