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Seeking Arrangements Review 2021

Seeking Arrangements Review 2021
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 55%
Popular Age 30-45
Profiles 160 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Women of all ages
  • Super wealthy men
  • Males often offer cruises and voyages to other counties for their ladies
  • Unlimited gifts for the ladies
  • Adequate gender distribution between men and women
  • Modern design
  • Real-life meetings with hookups and long-term relationships
  • Scammers happen from time to time
  • The site is more expensive for men

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If a man wants to feel like a man, there should be a beautiful companion next to him. It is a common statement many would agree on. It’s nice to know that your experience, knowledge, and connections can attract young women and to be in your presence not only because of money. Therefore, sugar daddies choose to date reliable young ladies to find a companion and boost their self-esteem.

Special platforms like Seeking Arrangements are full of pictures and profiles of young and attractive girls trying not to spend all their life on work and household chores but to devote it to classes, sports, elite recreation, and shopping. And, of course, a generous man. But, no pressure, as long as the site offers courtship, everything should be legal and more than acceptable for both parties. Still, every emotion on this site is genuine, though with a little stimulus check.

History of Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements was created as a website specifically for sugar babies and sugar daddies who strive for mutually beneficial commitment and want to find someone other than a one-night stand. The site’s creators were sure that nowadays, the importance of mutually beneficial relationships has changed, so did the dating scene. With modern social media, women have stopped fearing wanting money and exchanging it for passion. And vice versa, men stopped treating sugar babies as escorts, realizing that there’s more to financial dating than sex. That is why Seeking Arrangements received positive acclaim in social media, becoming one of the most successful platforms to join sugar babies and sugar daddies. There are more than 5,400,000 users on the platform, the majority of which come from the US.

Website, App, interface, registration

Website, App, interface, registration

The website’s interface is more than understandable. Seeking Arrangement is presented as a website and an application. For anyone wondering, the application managed to receive many positive acclaims and accolades because of its simplicity. The website also has a decent interface and easy registration. We will touch upon each of the characteristics later in the article.

Registration Process. Is it easy here?

You don’t need to provide much information to become a member of Seeking Arrangement. All you have to do is provide basic information about your gender, role on the site (whether you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy,) state your interests and sexual orientation. After it, you will have to state your appetites ( how much are sugar daddy or mommy will spend on you) what is your budget if you are a sugar daddy or sugar mommy. Finally, you have to verify using the email address, but you can use your Facebook page as a verification step instead. Verified users have more privilege because, as sugar babies, girls will receive a premium membership. The website is very appearance-based, so if you’re striving for very deep connections, it’s better to keep on moving. You will be rewarded as a badge if you choose to provide confirmation through Instagram, Linked In, or Facebook.


You have a lot of empty spaces to fill in with information during your registration. But the majority of people choose not to feel in the optional Fields, leaving their account somewhat unfinished. However, the website encourages its members to fill in the blank spaces by boasting their accounts and increasing their popularity. You can also upload the photos for free of charge, with each one has to go through approval on the website. After your pictures are approved, you can hide the album or make them visible to only the people you wish. Other categories of your page will be public and seen by everyone. You can only fill in specific profile fields for some personal information. You need to ask permission from the owner of the profile to see their photos. Once they approve this step, you will receive limited access to their private albums. People can also see recent activity on your profile, but premium members have an option to hide that info from others.

Mobile version and Website

Mobile version and Website

The application doesn’t look different and matches a desktop version. Each feature is well-presented, has a marvelous design, and is smooth in navigation. Every font has great visibility, and the pictures are very clear. All the features are easily accessible from the lower navigation panel. The app tracks your GPS location to find matches even more precisely. The profile wouldn’t show your exact place of the current location to visitors, only your current city and country. Unfortunately, the application was removed from the app store because the site was considered too controversial for Apple. You can still download it from Google Play.

Special Features

The site uses a variety of special features you might want to get to know better.

Let’s Talk Sugar Blog

It’s a super-effective blog that will show you how to date better. In addition, it contains several tips on dating safety and breaking the ice. The site also has events everyone can attend, both sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Diamond Membership for Sugar Daddies and Mommas

Seeking Arrangement has a separate VIP membership for sugar daddies and sugar mommas. This feature allows you to meet people who match your personality. You have to go premium for at least two months to be qualified for this position.

Video Chat

If texting is not enough, you can try video calling your sugar baby or sugar daddy to see them in real life, at least through the screen. Members can talk through video calls and start taking dating more seriously.

Finding a Sugar daddy or Sugar baby

Finding a Sugar daddy or Sugar baby

Finding a sugar baby or sugar daddy would be equally successful for both sexes and roles. Because this site has an equal distribution of sugar babies and sugar daddies, it’s going to be easy to find someone depending on the position you’re going to take. Local search is used to find people who want to meet in your area. Seeking Arrangements provides the ability to block selected members from contacting you. It can be especially useful if you receive too many messages from members you are not interested in.

How does Seeking Arrangements work?

Seeking Arrangements uses both machine and manual search to get you connected with suitable partners. You can talk to these people through video chats, play games with them, message them, or wink at them. In addition, the site searches for people with similar characteristics to what you stated upon registration

Searching options and filters at Seeking Arrangements

Searching options and filters at Seeking Arrangements

You can filter out someone’s position on the site, their hair color, choose their body type, and annual salary (if you’re after sugar daddies). The partner will be more than happy to answer your flirting and maintain a conversation. Filters get more precise the more you work with this site.

An interesting function of the site is location search. Thanks to it, you can mark your location and see the profiles of people near you. Although you can see the approximate distance, the location of other people is not disclosed.

A cool feature of the site is a blog about relationships. It contains exciting articles that help avoid common mistakes when looking for a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, getting to know other people faster, and making friends.

Communication methods

Communication methods here involve texting, messaging, video calling, and winking. Members can interact with each other by leaving comments under each other’s posts and seeing each other’s photos.

As a premium member, you may also exchange images and attach them to direct messages. In addition, men and women may communicate via sending flirts and winks. Start with an icebreaker if you’re not sure what to say or how to begin a conversation. Don’t worry about it because the creators of the site have already written it. Within a minute, you will receive a response.

Alternatives for Seeking Arrangements

Here is a list of sites that are mostly compatible with Seeking Arrangements. These platforms will allow you to compare by creating multiple accounts and see which site is the ultimate winner.

Each of these services is a legit substitution to Seeking Arrangements, but the given website acquires several amazing qualities.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

The site can be called midfield due to its reasonable prices. However, you will have to dish out more as a sugar daddy.

You can pay with a bank card, an online wallet, or via your phone on Seeking Arrangements. However, the majority of visitors choose to pay with a prepaid Mastercard or Visa.

Free Membership Features

Here you have a free online registration, which can be completed in a couple of minutes. The only drawback is that the account is attached to the email, as in most of such services, and to a mobile phone number. In addition, a free membership will only allow you to create an account and search for matches. The site allows women to use chat services and respond to men, but all the basic membership is good. It’s still enough to start getting better at the dating game but not enough to get women hooked.

Premium Membership Features

A paid membership will unravel a new world of dating for you because now you will be exposed to the best dating techniques and options. In addition, you will have more privacy, not allowing other users to see when you review their profile or uploaded a photo you don’t want anyone to see. Additionally, you will get access to the messages receipts to better understand the attitude of the person you are talking to. You will also be able to filter out all the junk you don’t want to read from your inbox. Finally, you will stop seeing annoying ads and receive a laconic page without distractions.

The advanced search filters will help you find a sugar daddy or sugar baby even more effectively. Seeking Arrangements wants to ensure your stay safe, so you will be protected by the helping team regardless of what membership you choose. The site will unravel its 100% power, helping you winning women’s hearts left and right.

How much does it cost to use Seeking Arrangements?

Duration/Credits/Coins Costs Total
Premium (Subscription)
30 Days 3.33 USD/Day 99.99 USD
90 Days 3.00 USD/Day 269.99 USD
Diamond (Subscription)
30 Days 8.33 USD/Day 249.99 USD
Premium (one-time)
90 Days 3.00 USD/Month 269.99 USD
Diamond (one-time)
30 Days 8.33 USD/Month 249.99 USD
Seeking Arrangements is not a scam?

Seeking Arrangements is not a scam?

The site does not belong to the list of scamming websites. However, someone might think that the specifics of the website are scamming since most women ask for money. You must realize that dating older rich men is not considered scamming as long as those parties agreed to establish a financially based relationship. Scammers are people who deceive others for their financial gain. These people always lie about their identity,, while on Seeking Arrangements, women are open from the start.

Protection and storage of information

The website doesn’t store the info for too long. So instead, you are free to check what type of data the site does and does not use. You can check that information on the Privacy Policy page. It will be more than beneficial to understand what kinds of cookies the site uses and how it manages it. The site doesn’t direct that data to any other social media, be it Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Support

Customer support is always happy to answer any questions concerning the verification, new features, pending, and payments. You can contact customer support by selecting the Support option from the menu bar on the bottom of the screen.


How to pass Seeking Arrangements verification?

If you wish to pass the verification process, you need to send all of your photographs to the moderator to ensure they are suitable. The site tries to get rid of scammers completely, so their policy is more than understandable. If you wish to upload plenty of photos to the website, please wait to get them approved.

How to delete Seeking Arrangements account?

If you wish to delete your account, write a message to the Helping team and define your reason for deleting. After the help team hears you out, they will help you remove all the necessary information from the website, including photos and personal details.

Does Seeking Arrangements Really Work?

Seeking Arrangements website works beautifully because it helps men and women worldwide find each other. There were no complaints about the fakeness of the website. On the contrary, it helped numerous sugar daddies and sugar babies meet on the internet and connect for a long-term relationship to mutual benefits.

How to block someone on Seeking Arrangements?

If you wish to block a user, go to their page or visit your message window to see all the available options. After that, choose to block the person by clicking on the block button near the photo and reporting the user to the Helping team if you want to. The user will be instantly blocked or deleted from the website if they cross someone’s boundaries or violate the policy on the website.

How to cancel Seeking Arrangements subscription?

To cancel the subscription, all you have to do is write the support team and ask them to unsubscribe you from this service. First, the helping team will ask you a few questions to know why you are deleting your account and if you ever get back. After clarifying your intentions, the support team will provide all the means to do it as fast as possible. After that, you can get back to your account anytime you want.


Seeking Arrangements is one of the popular sites where liberated women are looking for sponsors, and all men are super-wealthy. There are no intruders or fake pages on the service since the moderators check each profile as carefully as possible. The wealthy audience of this site is responsive, and every part is satisfied while they are playing by the rules. The site offers a variety of communication methods and doesn’t defend scammers.

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